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Pavels Prague All in One Tour- starts daily at 11 a.m. at Mal? n??m?st? 11, Prague 1. Just close to the famous Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock.It lasts about 4 hours ( sometimes a little longer )

Tickets are available from the kiosk-Ticket Office just inside the Art Gallery Passage. Male n??mest? 11, close to the Old Town Square. It is the tour listed as number 1. It covers covers the historic quarters, charles bridge, prague castle and is finished in the oldest palace in Prague! There in the 12 century underground palace complimentary refreshments and beer are served There I personally even be playing the guitar and singing some Czech, folk songs for you :) as the nice end of the tour.

All the other listed tours are available by booking.Communism & Red Terror Tour at 4.30 daily. Beer Tour daily at 7 pm, Legends & Mysteries of Old Prague daily at 7 pm.

Please call or text me at Tel+ 420 603 157 001 or drom me a line on the web.

See you on the tour :) I wish you a Happy stay in Prague!

Thank you, Pavel Michalovsky, tour guide


Member of the European Union since 2004

78. 864 square kilometers ( 30.449 sq. miles)

Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia

Prague (population 1. 200 000)

Central European Time (GMT+ 1), from April to October- summer time (GMT+2)

Four seasons, a mix of ocean and inland climate
Average temperature : January - 2 ° C  (28.4 ° F) ,July + 20 ° C (68°),

Czech crown. Exchange rates:,

January 1, Easter Monday, May 1, May 8, July 5, July 6, September 28, October 28, November 17, December 25, December 26.

EU citizens must have a valid travel document to travel to the Czech republic (passport or identity card. Citizens of other countries for entry requirments visit

Emergency call 112
State Police 158
Municipal Police 156  
Ambulance 156
Fire brigade 150

Hospital Na Homolce, Roentgenova street n. 2, Prague 5.
Tel: 257 271 111, 257 272 146          24hrs service

Health Centre Prague
Vodičkova street 28, Prague 1
Tel: 224 220 040, 296 236 000

ST. Thomas church, Josefská street .8, Prague 1 Sun 11 a.m.
Church of virgin Mary Victorious, Karmelitská street 9 ,Prague 1, Sun 12 p.m.

Daily Walks & Tours, Ltd.  E- mail:


The Prague public transport system  ( consists of  a well- functioning network of bus and tram lines and three Metro lines and includes a funicular which goes up Petřín Hill.
Tickets can be obtained at newsstands, in the wending machines, in some shops etc.
24 crown ticket- valid for  30 minutes witch change
32 crown ticket- valid for 90 minutes with change (bus, tram, metro).
If you want to stay longer than one day we reccomned to buy a pass valid for one or three days.

1 day pass 110 crowns
3 day pass

310 crowns

Remember to validate (stamp) your ticket in special stamping machines immediatelly after enetering the means of transport or the Metro station. Only properly stamped tickets are valid!
Ticket inspectors are entitled to check your ticket any time.

TAXIS- maximum rates are set for taxis in the are of the capital. Taxi fares consists of a starting rate (CZK 40), a rate pere kilometre (CZK 28) and a rate for waiting (CZK 6/ minute)
Fares can increase in the course of the year.
Every taxi driver is obliged to issue a receipt for the fare paid. It is safe to book a taxi by phone in advance. When the taxi arrives ask  about the price and if you agree with the price then sit into the taxi.


USA Tržiště 15/365      118 01 Praha 1

Tel: 257 022 000

CANADA   Muchova 6 160 00 Praha 6

Tel: 272 101 800

GREAT BRITAIN Thunovská 14 118 00 Praha 1

Tel:257 402 111

NEW ZELAND Dykova 19/1156 101 00 Praha 10

Tel: 222 514 672

AUSTRALIA  Klimentska 10 110 00 Praha 1

Tel: 296 578 350

GERMANY Vlašská 19/347 118 01  Praha 1

Tel: 257 113 111

AUSTRIA Viktora Huga 151 15 Praha 5

Tel: 257 090 511

SWITZERLAND Pevnostní 7/558 162 00 Praha 6

Tel: 220 400 611

DANEMARK Maltézské náměstí5/475 110 01 Praha 1

Tel: 257 531 600

FRANCE Velkopřevorské náměstí 118 01 Praha 1

Tel:  251 171 711

ITALY Nerudova 20 118 00 Praha 1

Tel: 233 080 111

SPAIN Badeniho 4 170 00 Praha 7

Tel: 224 311 222


Meeting Point

THE MEETING POINT for all walking tours (except Pavel´s Personal Tour of Prague) is at the corner of Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměsti) & Pařízská street in front of the Cartier shop.

Look for the guide holding up a blue and yellow umbrella with DAILY WALKS OF PRAGUE written on it. meeting point - OrlojNo need to book in advance, just come to the meeting point at the scheduled time.

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