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The chateau Detenice is located 75 km northeast of Prague. According to legend, the king who hunted in the nearby forests found two abandoned children. He adopted them and brought them to a village, which he named Detenice. [the name is probably t derived from the Czech word "dite" meaning child].
In 1295 a small gothic castle was built here.It endured centuries of exterior changes.. In the second half of the 19th century Malteze Knights bought the castle. After the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918 they sold the Chateau to a rich entrepreneur and it was nationalized in 1948.
The current owner bought the chateau and the adjoined buildings in 1998. After a very labor extensive and expensive reconstruction, the chateau regained its prosperity.
The chateau rooms are now complete with stylish furniture, chandeliers from Czech crystal glass, precious carpets, baroque paintings etc. In the ground floor you can find a unique collection of weapons that belonged to the Malteze Knights.

The chateau brewery
Beer was first brewed in Detenice in 1305. At this time, there was also a knight named Arthur, who threatened local inhabitant. He regularly kidnapped young virgins, who then had to serve him and his cohorts. According to legend, on a night of a full moon Arthur chose the most beautiful village girl and make her prepare beer according to a special recipe-he called it the beer of love. He wanted to keep the recipe a secret ,so he always killed the poor girl.
Finally powerful Bene of Detenice defeated Arthur and his companions. Arthur was caught, tortured and forced to reveal the contents. Since that time, the special beer of love has been brewed and offered to guests in Detenice.

Medieval tavern
There is also a medieval tavern near the brewery . Meals are prepared an open fire pit. (they taste very good- personal experience)! Guests often eat the food without utensils this is the middle ages! While one eats and drinks, there will be a medieval program including musicians, jugglers, dancers etc. Be prepared that the manners oft these people can be slightly rude and rough. They do not mean to offend you, remember we are just back in the middle ages.!

meeting point

Meeting Point

THE MEETING POINT for all walking tours (except Pavel´s Personal Tour of Prague) is at the corner of Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměsti) & Pařízská street in front of the Cartier shop.

Look for the guide holding up a blue and yellow umbrella with DAILY WALKS OF PRAGUE written on it. meeting point - OrlojNo need to book in advance, just come to the meeting point at the scheduled time.

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