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TANDEM JUMPS - 100 percent adrenalin adventure


Why a tandem jump
Tandem jump is the easiest way to experience what you have been, until now, only dreaming about, or you didn't know how to make this "crazy" idea come true! You don't need any special training or a medical check-up. You will simply receive a short instruction before the jump and then you'll be able to experience the same thing as an experienced skydiver. The rising level of adrenalin during the flight, the wonderful feeling during the jump, the beauty of a free fall, a bit of a shiver while opening the parachute and finally a soft landing back on Earth.

How does it all happen?
You don't need any special training for a tandem jump, you only need to come to the airport at a previously agreed day and time and we will take care of you. In a 10-minute instruction a tandem pilot will give you all the necessary detailed info. After that you'll get into the plane with him and the cameraman and you'll finally start believing that what you are doing is a reality. When ascending you will be hooked to the tandem pilot with a special harness. Once he gives you a signal you'll both jump.
Most often we jump from 4000 meters, so the free fall lasts approximately 50 seconds at 200km/hr speed. After descending to 1500 meters the tandem pilot opens the parachute and about 6-8 minutes of skydiving follows, during which you can try manipulating with the parachute. Once you land your friends and relatives will come to congratulate you and you will be leaving with a wonderful and unforgettable experience.
It is, of course, possible to get your jump on a digital camera or get it photographed by our experienced cameraman-parachutist.

Reservation, transport
You only need to make a simple reservation and to purchase a voucher for your jump at least one day ahead. Jumps are available daily from our own twin-engine aircraft L-410 Turbolet at the P?bram airport and customers are transported from Prague to P?bram and back entirely free of charge (your jump voucher serves as a bus ticket). Minibuses run daily from Wednesday till Sunday at.. and at..from. A group of four people and more can be picked up directly at their hotel. Orders for Mondays and Tuesdays are settled individually. You need to take with you only sports shoes and the jump voucher. At the airport you can relax in a restaurant with a summer garden.
If you wish to enjoy the beauty of our country from bird's eye view in more detail and more slowly, you should try our sightseeing flights and one of the four routes on offer.
Total time of the trip: 3 - 4 hours.

Tandem Jump 4000m - CZK 3.600 with transport from Prague to the airport and back.
Sky Service s.r.o

Sky Service s.r.o. is the largest tandem jump and parachute centre in Central Europe (25,000 jumps per year, of that 4,000 tandem jumps). We organise Czech Republic parachuting championships and we hold the American USPA licence. We provide the highest quality, the broadest and safest range of services in skydiving in the Czech Republic. For more information please visit

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